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A Note from the CEO


As a teenager, I suffered from Acne and I was bullied in school because of it. Initially, it did not bother me much, but the bullying was not ending and this affected my confidence. 

As I was getting older, I tried different products available on the market. Many were claiming to “clear” Acne within weeks - I spent all my modest income on any product claiming to get rid of Acne, I had hope it will eventually fade away. 

After spending all my hard earned money on empty promises, I decided to look into the remedies that my grandma used to put together to keep a clear skin. It never occurred to me that any of the ingredients she used could be efficient at all, given they were all exotic and not that well-known.

She would make her own soaps, her own body lotions, her own facial creams and scrub. All from very expensive and unusual ingredients so I never paid enough attention to it until I had tried everything. 

She gave me a recipe to clear acne and did not make me pay for it. 
I took the recipe and never purchased the ingredients as they were too expensive, I wished she just sold the cream to me. 

Weeks later, my acne was  getting more severe, so I had no choice but to make the cream with the recipe my grandma had given me. I purchased all the ingredients on my next payday  and made the mixture from the ingredients, following every steps she had given me. 

Just under three weeks later, my acne had virtually gone, and the spots from the acne were fading too.

I was totally in shock!!!

For so long, I had been spending so much money on many products with the hope of clearing my face, for so long I had been bullied, for so long my confidence was inexistant. And all along my grandma had the answer. I did not think for a minute anything she used could help me. To me, she was just doing some “DIY” Products to save money. Little did I know her knowledge was a blessing to my life. 

I had to make more of that cream, not only for me, but for all my friends and all the people around me  that I knew were desperate to clear their faces from acne or dark spots.  I sent a sample to my closest friends and everyone had the same results “PERFECTION”. 

At that point, I realised,  it was not  just me. 
Some products work on a few people only, that cream worked on EVERYONE - I was so excited that I made more products and was just looking for people with acne to try and get a feedback. It was ALWAYS a “WHAT IS IN THAT PRODUCT?” type of response or “I WANT THAT”!!! 

So I have decided to turn it into a brand, because I remember being in my room and crying for being  bullied. I remember not wanting to go out at all because I was concerned about my skin. I remember not wanting to date because of how I fell about my face with acne. 

In Britain, the NHS report from 2023 shows that 80% from the age of 13 to 30 suffer from Acne. 
This figure could be higher in other countries, most people choose to cover it with make up. 

People spend a fortune on Clinical peel and other procedures just to clear acne. 

My goal is to make sure, that nobody ever feels the need to hide because of how insecure they feel about their skin. I have been making sure the product and every other essential products of Radiant Melanin London get to them. 


In my last year of college, after studying marketing and sales for almost three years I realised that my biggest dream would be to develop a product that would give perfect acne free skin and restore people’s  confidence through their skin. 


Radiant Melanin London thrives in building essential skincare regimen, for a healthier and good looking skin. Focussing on the products that enhance the beauty of the skin. 

Every product has to do exactly what it says on each jar - We take months to make sure each product is efficient before we place it on the market. 

All essential  ingredients are organic, and very rare. A true blessing from my grandmother, with her unbelievable knowledge of plants and exotic  ingredients that people rarely pay attention to, to perfect skin. 


My grandmother secret skincare recipe are no longer just in her head, she told me her biggest joy would be for me to carry on with her Legacy by “Taking the recipe to the World”.

That is why, every single day I have to make sure I am making a step forward and I always have that burning fire in me to fulfil the promise I made to her in restoring people’s confidence through their skin. Because, I was that little girl crying when bullied for my skin. I was also that teenager afraid to step out of the house and I was also that young adult hiding all skin imperfections under make up, but the Make up has to be taken off eventually and we are left with our skin, then we know it is time to CLEAR IT!!!




- Sandra Pamela TCHOCK