A Note from the CEO


For many years I had suffered from severe acne and rough skin, many members of my family and friends had the same problem and we were told that it was simply "genetic”, and we could never get rid of it. I had tried every product that was on the market that claimed to solve this, but it gradually became worse. That was it, I was officially tired, drained, and willing to accept that acne was my reality for the rest of my life.


In my last year of college, after studying marketing and sales for almost three years I realised that my biggest dream would be to develop a product that would give perfect acne free skin and restore my confidence.


I wrote my project on setting up a skincare business, having studied marketing. I was the best in my class at selling and was already working as a sales/marketing agent before completing my course. I also deeply believed in the amazing skincare line that I had formulated, inspired by organic natural ingredients that were tested and approved safe. I put the two together and was driven by the thought that “I will work so hard” so no other kid, teenager or adult will have to be bullied because of severe acne or their rough skin like what i had experienced.

I graduated and set up my business...