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I tried to hide the true story at first, of how I actually came up with this concept. 

For a very long time, I was very embarrassed about my story. 

A friend of mine visited my website and asked me why I had to write a “beautiful story” to the world. I responded that I don’t think people would really care to know the true story. 

It took me a long time to realise that my story is what makes ME. It might not be very glamorous, but that is how I got inspired to build this brand. 
therefore, I will share it. 

My mother had me when she was very young, and because she had to pursue her education, I was left under the care of one of my aunt. She was very strict and abusive. 

She would beat me for no leg reason; if I had not washed the plates, cleaned the house properly or any other chores in the house. This started when I was only 5 years old. 

The beating was getting worse as I was getting older. She would take my clothes off before beating, to make sure it really hurts and this would leave marks on my body.

As I was turning into a teenager, there were marks on my body that never left. Those marks were turning darker as time passed. 

One day, I ran away from her house. I went to the “Family house” where most of my cousins and my Grandparents were living. This was in a different city. 

I lived there and finally convinced my mum to send me to a boarding school. She did send me to one of the best boarding schools in the country until I got my GCSE’s.

I was not beaten or abused ever again, but the marks had stayed in most part of my body. My lower back, my arms, my legs were all covered with marks from the abuse.

As I was turning into a young adult, it became very difficult for me to take part of activities such as swimming in public. I needed to find a solution - I decided to do a small tattoo on my lower back on one of the most embarrassing marks I had. 

I quickly realised, I couldn’t possibly tattoo my entire body, a small tattoo on a mark was not enough. 
I started to look for products on the market to clear marks /hyperpigmentation. I had spent so much money and no product was actually working on my skin. 

I started making researches on the best ingredients to clear marks and any form of hyperpigmentation. I was desperate to clear my skin, this was a personal mission for me to find confidence. 

After months of research, I found the most effective ingredients, and those were not cheap at all. But, I was curious to try them, given not many brands used those ingredients  - If they did the products I used would have worked. 

I took a leap of faith, purchased the ingredients.

I tried the product for a few weeks, to make sure my skin was totally cleared first. 

I needed to clear my skin. When the products cleared most of the marks on my body. I was in disbelief, I knew at that point I had to turn it into a business. I asked my mother for investment and started the business. 

Maybe the abuse from my aunt, was meant to take me to this journey. I do not know, but one thing I know, is my skin is now very clear.
I never ever thought the marks could disappear, I was determined to find a solution and I did.

When I saw how the marks all faded away, I knew the same product could be used for hyperpigmentation and I was so right. 

Many women have since been able to clear their skin from dark circles, to dark spots, knuckles, knees,  underarms, dark thighs (mostly embarrassing dark areas on the body). 

The brand does not consist of the fading of marks or hyperpigmentation only. I have also realised there was a massive need of clearing acne that a lot of women would cover with Make Up because they have no choice. I expanded the brand with more products of that nature, for perfecting the skin and restore its natural beauty through Body Lotions, moisturisers, facial creams, bar soaps, shower gels and body scrub. 

All I can say now is “Thank You” to my aunt, for beating me to the point of leaving embarrassing marks on my skin. If she didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be able to help thousands of women with their skin issues. 

That is my story.

From now on, I will wear it as a crown.

Sharing it made me feel so much better!!!

By the way, my aunt contacted me a year ago to ask me to send her some products from my collection. I couldn’t believe it… 



Sandra Pamela TCHOCK,

Radiant Melanin London CEO