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This cream has for main ingredient, the snail secretion. Specially developed to help restoring rough skin, hydrating, moisturising and promoting a glowing skin. 



Aqua (water), Glycerin, Snail secretion filtrate, Betaine, Tremella fuciformis extract, Aloe barbendis leaf extract, Glyceryl stearate, Methyl glucose sesquistearate, Biosaccharide gum-1, Chrysanthellum indicum extract, Carbomer, Caprylhydroxamic acid. 



The use of snail extract for skincare actually dates all the way back to Ancient Greece, where Hippocrates (widely considered one of the most outstanding figures in medical history and arguably the founder of modern medicine) regularly prescribed crushed snails mixed with sour milk as a treatment for curing inflammation and soreness.

After Hippocrates, there is no further evidence of snail extract being used for the majority of the past 2,000 years, but it appears to have been discovered again in the last few decades.

One of the early revelations of this "rediscovery" was when Chilean snail farmers who were selling snails to the French market as food realised that their hands got visibly smoother from handling the snails.  


               WHAT IS SNAIL SECRETION???

Put simply, it's the slime that snails secrete when they move around. If you've ever seen snail trails winding their way up your plant pots, you know the stuff we're talking about.



  • 6 Amazing Skin Benefits of Snail Secretion Filtrate
    1. Nourishes and protects. Snail filtrate contains hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides, all of which fight against premature aging. ...
    2. May Fades acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks. ...
    3. Battles acne and dandruff. ...
    4. Exfoliates. ...
    5. Aids healing of wounds and burns. ...
    6. Promotes optimal skin health.


Snail slime (or its cosmetic name, snail filtrate) is packed with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides, all of which are commonly used in beauty products and proven to be beneficial for the skin. These elements help to protect the snail’s skin from damage, infection, dryness and UV rays.

  • Snail slime contains 91-98% water. The slime is filtered multiple times to increase its concentration and ensure its purity. Some snail slime products claim to contain as much as 97% snail secretion filtrate. However, the consistency and quality of the snail mucus should also be taken into account when looking for a good product.


  • Chrysanthellum indicum is a form of chamomile that, like other forms, has soothing properties when applied to skin. Golden chamomile seems to have a stronger anti-redness effect due to its unique mix of soothing compounds, all of which can be helpful if you struggle with visibly reddened or extra-sensitive skin.


  • It has traditionally been believed to benefit the skin and 'enhance beauty', and tremella's polysaccharides have been developed for use in cosmetics on account of their excellent skin moisture retention, skin protection, flexibility and flattening effects.
  • A mixure of the diesters of methyl glucoside and stearic acid. Functions as a skin-softening agent and emollient.                                                       



Apply a fair amount on your face and neck, twice a day preferably after a shower. Do not rinse it until your next shower. 

If you intent to wear make up, apply it first and allow 20 mins, before applying your make up.



Keep out of reach of children.

For external use only.





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